007 XFL文件,相對路徑和Scaleform啟動

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Flash Scaleform Launcher doesn't work with XFL files publishing to relative paths.

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If you have an XFL file, for example Main.xfl, Flash saves it to /YourProject/Main folder. And if you want to publish Main.swf to / folder you’d set path in publish settings to ../Main.swf since flash looks for a relative path from /YourProject folder (which contains Main). But if you use Scaleform Launcher you’ll get an error because it tries to launch /YourProject/Main/../Main.swf which is equal to /YourProject/Main.swf which is in turn is not there.

This bug breaks Scaleform Launcher.

What do you mean by save as \project\Main?

When I save a file I don’t type an URL to save it to, I select a folder and type a name.

I’m with Valentin. I wanted to use XFL, too, and have set it up as you’ve said Matthew, but Scaleform Launcher is still looking for the SWF relative to the folder in which the XFL is located, when really it should be looking relative to ../ from the XFL file. I’m not sure how to fix this but I’m really eager as XFL is a must for source control.

Setting abolute path is not an option since all team members have projects in different folders and on different operation systems. c:\Main.swf means nothing on a mac.

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Unfortunately, in the case of publishing to XFL, Scaleform does not support relative paths. Here are the steps (in Flash CS6)

1. Create new AS3 Flash document.

2. Add a textfield to the stage, and type something into it.

3. Change Publish Settings so that the file is published to an absolute path (not a relative path) - for example: File->Publish Settings->Flash(.swf)->Output File: C:\Main.swf

4. Now, select File->Save As and save the file as an xfl - for example save the xfl to: C:\MyProject\Main.xfl

5. Press Test with… in Scaleform Launcher

6. SWF launches in Scaleform player as expected, and Main.swf is published to C:\Main.swf

Author: MatthewDoyleArt

You must set your publish settings to an absolute path, not a relative one. Example: Instead of using ..\Main.swf, use C:\Main.swf

See revised instructions above in my first reply.

Author: MatthewDoyleArt

Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, that’s the only solution at present. I will pass this info on to the team though.

Author: MatthewDoyleArt

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Here’s a new version of the JSFL file that should allow for relative paths on PC. We have not been able to test this on Mac yet however. On PC, extract this zip file here:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Adobe\<your Flash version>\en_US\Configuration\Scaleform\jsfl


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Tested and working on Windows 7 with Flash CS6. Thanks a lot for turning this around so quickly!

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